the future of direct mail and digital

There are a lot of different opinions on direct mail in the marketing industry. Some believe direct mail is old news, while others feel it’s making quite the comeback. With help from a recent study conducted by the USPS, we are going to set the record straight. Here are the most common direct mail myths, and the facts that you should know.


Myth 1: Direct Mail Has Peaked

Direct mail is more intelligent and effective than ever before. There are three main innovations that have been introduced over the last few years that are changing how we send direct mail. Through retargeting, Informed Delivery, and Informed Visibility, marketers no longer have to rely on PURLs and QR codes to integrate direct mail and digital.


Myth 2: Direct Mail Takes Weeks to Create, Design, and Send

With the help of programmatic technology, companies can now see what actions customers take online and leverage that information for a personalized mailing. By using these insights and having these automations in place, marketers can quickly design triggered campaigns using direct mail. Working from a templated design, many have been able to create a mailpiece within 12-24 hours of the digital interaction.


Myth 3: Marketers Have Stopped Relying On Mail

Trends are important to follow when determining how to spend your marketing budget, so this statement alone could be enough for a marketer to reconsider using direct mail. However, according to the survey performed by the USPS, respondents stated they were committing 30% of their budgets to direct mail. By combining digital channels with direct mail, 71% were planning to increase purchases through these efforts.


Myth 4: Direct Mail Is Ineffective At Driving Digital Actions

The old way of sending direct mail was intrusive, oversaturated, and was hard to measure performance. However, by using the technology available today, marketers are generating results never before seen through the use of direct mail. By using dynamic direct mail, companies have been able to drive website visits, increase digital response rates, drive lead generation, and increase ROI.


Myth 5: Direct Mail Is Only Effective As An Awareness Tool

According to the USPS, marketers are utilizing direct mail across the entire customer journey. In fact, 52% of respondents believed that direct mail could be effective at reaching lower funnel transactional goals and increasing purchases.


Myth 6: Mail is Siloed and Unable to Integrate With Other Channels

Our goal of creating this piece was to emphasize the importance of using direct mail in combination with other channels. 80% of the respondents from the USPS survey said they use direct mail to drive traffic to digital channels. There are numerous unique and innovative ways that people are combining direct mail with digital platforms and seeing impressive results. Contact us to request real case studies from previous campaigns we’ve done and discover how your organization could benefit from direct mail.

If you would like to read the full study, you can access it here.