Capture Website Visitor Information

Capture Website Visitors Like Never Before

Have you ever wondered who is visiting your site? You can spend time and money working to get users to your site, but if they never self-identify, you may never know who that individual is. Sure, you can create lead generation forms and content, but there will always be unknown visitors that you miss. GMS has a new solution, GMSID, that can resolve this issue and help you gain insight into the people that are visiting your site.

How Does It Capture Data Differently?

Website data is typically captured by using IP addresses to identify a visitor’s contact information. However, this isn’t always the most accurate, especially with IP addresses changing and most web traffic being on mobile devices. Our solution is different because we capture hundreds of different fields and then use a distinct set of variable fields to tie in the opt-in only contact information back to the visitor. We gather data through many sources: Real Property Records, Public records, VIN data files, New Mover files, and more. There are 12 proprietary data points that must be satisfied in order to make a match. IP address is used as a 13th data point, but only as a geography check. On average we are matching around 52%-54% against real traffic. 

What Data is Captured?

There are 85 fields of information that we can capture from visitors. You’ll see what pages they’ve visited on your site, which can help determine visitor intention and help create targeted messages. You will also receive contact information, such as their name, address, email, and phone number. You can also gather personal details about the individual to help determine demographic information and assist with messaging strategies. Some of the potential data that you will receive includes marital status, date of birth, age, gender, ethnicity, presence of children, single vs multi family dwelling unit, homeowner, renter, and estimated income range. Use GMSID to arm your sales team with valuable leads who are actively seeking more information about your company’s products and services.

What is Needed for Setup

You will need to provide your website URL, zip code, and your IP address to whitelist it for our FTP. You will then have to include a monitoring alert in your privacy policy statement. We will provide a line of code that will need to be embedded in the header of your website’s homepage. After that, we will begin tracking your visitors and can provide daily visitor information.