send triggered communications

When you think of triggered communications your mind instantly goes to digital marketing. However, did you know direct mail can also be used in a similar way? By leveraging the technology that we have available through the United States Postal Service, we can send additional messaging based on when your direct mail will be delivered.


Leveraging Mail to Coordinate Other Communications and Digital Channels

One powerful tool at our disposal is IMb Tracing.TM This allows us to anticipate when your message will reach your customers. We can then send timely communications that work in conjunction with your mailing. This will not only help boost response rates on direct mail, but will also improve the effectiveness of any additional channels or follow-ups. It also allows us to accurately time your other communications and receive results and data much faster than you would by using conventional sending methods.


How Does IMb TracingTM Work?

IMb TracingTM uses barcodes scanned by mail processing equipment to collect data from mailpieces as they are sorted and approach delivery. The mailpiece scan record represents where, when, and at which operation level an individual mailpiece is processed. When the mailpiece enters the exit scan, we would trigger another channel for communication. IMb TracingTM is a free service provided by the USPS, which means that the only additional cost to you would be any subsequent deployments.


Examples of triggered communications using direct mail

A common triggered communication that is both cost effective and dynamic is email. This is a useful channel to drive people to a landing page and is fairly easy to measure responses from. There are also a variety of other channels that can be used for additional marketing, like mobile, social, and digital. Outbound phone calls and ringless voicemails can be used to follow-up with people that received your mailing. Text messages can also be leveraged to send key information and exclusive offers that people can respond to directly from their phone. Launch dates for social or digital ad campaigns can also be determined based on when your mail hits. By using custom audiences and distinct targeting, you can deliver ads to the same audience that is receiving your mail.


Interested in Learning More?

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us here. We’d be happy to assist you in finding the strategy that is best for your business.