Texting for Direct Mail


GMS is proud to announce its newest offering, GMSMS. This is the latest technology in direct mail response marketing.


With GMSMS, you can now add a unique code and phone number to any direct mail piece, for instant responses and customized messaging. Adding GMSMS to your direct mail will increase your response rates and turn standard leads into sales! 

This new capability allows you to deliver personalized messages to your customer’s mobile phone. This could mean sending special offers, providing service information, or verification of receipt. Once the customer sends their unique code, you receive their full name and mobile number to your CRM system. Use this as an opportunity to call your customer while you’re fresh in their mind and they are considering your offer.

With GMSMS, recipients no longer need to enter long URLs into their browsers or call an automated answering service. They can just send a text right from their phone and receive a customized response in seconds. It can be difficult to get customers to respond to your mailings. However, by using GMSMS, you’re providing a method for response that is fast and preferred. We make it easy for you to know if your mail is working and provide you with reliable contact information.