Written By Brian Baker, VP of Business Development


To get the attention of others, you have to stand out. That’s what we do in marketing; find new inventive ways to stand out amongst the clutter. Today, direct mail has the capability to be more powerful than ever before. Technology has allowed us to create engaging direct mail pieces that are highly personalized and truly resonate with people. Personalization is not the only way to engage your audience. You can also do this by getting them involved with the piece. The best way to do that is to present something different and interactive.

According to the DMA, the average person receives more than 2,900 marketing messages a day. How do you make your direct mail stand out in those 2,900 messages? The best way to resonate with your target audience is to have a mail piece that stands out and grabs the consumers’ attention; you want them to be excited to open your mail. Dimensional mail increase response rates, so try affixing a widget or an attention-grabbing scratch-off to your next mail campaign.  


GMS offers several different options to boost response rates on your mailing program. We have the ability to affix several different response-boosting items. We can add keys, credit cards, scratch-offs, or almost any other widget you would like to have affixed to your mail or marketing piece to increase attention and boost response.  

Our affixing equipment is equipped to glue and affix to almost any type of carrier you can imagine that falls between 3″ wide x 6″ long up to 11″ wide x 14″ long.  We can affix a scratch-off, inkjet, and affix a widget all in one pass. This will save you time and money, while increasing your attention and response rates in the process.  

affixing keys

Looking for more?

Want to see even better results on your next direct mail piece? Try adding GMSMS. This solution allows you to deliver personalized messages to your customer’s mobile phone. This could mean sending special offers, providing service information, or verification of receipt. Once the customer sends their unique code, you receive their full name and mobile number to your CRM system. You can then call your customer while you’re fresh in their mind and they are considering your offer.