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Being in the printing industry, we have a responsibility to function in a way that not only benefits our community, but also our environment. Here at GMS, we practice sustainable manufacturing principles and are always working on ways to help eliminate waste. In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to showcase some of the positive facts around paper usage and how this renewable resource is utilized.

Here are the main initiatives we have put in place to do our part to help the environment and save energy.

environmental impact at GMS


Major Paper Facts

According to Business Data Record Services, in the last 20 years, the combined usage of today’s top ten paper users has increased to 208 million tons, a growth of 126%. The amount of paper being used is not slowing down as more things shift online, in fact we are seeing printing and paper usage continue to grow. This may concern people, seeing as we are using more paper, however it is important to remember that trees are a renewable resource that comes from managed forests and are maintained like any other crop. The below paper facts demonstrate how we use and recycle paper.


paper fact paper is a renewable resource

What we do here at GMS

We have a recycling program that we run internally to reduce the amount of waste that’s produced. We recycle all of our paper scraps, plastic wrap, corrugated materials, and chemicals used during the printing process. Our Komori Lithrone G40 offset press saves energy while also reducing the harmful chemical substances that are released during the printing process. Our office lighting is on motion-activated timers, which has allowed us to reduce our energy use by about 18-20% per year. We are also an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified printer. This certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. We are continually working on ways we can reduce our impact and clean up our surrounding community.


Every person has a chance to make an impact on our environment. Whether they are making changes on an individual level or heading up initiatives for an entire company, we can all do our part to help our planet.