When it comes to direct mail, the mailing list is extremely important and can impact the success of the campaign. As marketers, we are always trying to find ways to target our audiences. We want to develop a message that is going to resonate with those who see it. Even if you have the perfect message, if you aren’t sending it to the right people, that effort is wasted. Deliver targeted direct mail pieces to the people who are actively searching your website with GMSDM.


How It Works:

We take the IP addresses of visitors on your site and reverse append them to their physical home or office address. From there we are able to send a one-time direct mail piece to everyone on that list. We can also segment visitors by setting up business rules to filter out traffic. You can send mail to users who have visited a certain page on your site or exclude visitors who you are not interested in reaching.

IP to mailbox

By defining business rules in the initial setup, we can identify people who have abandoned a form or shopping cart. We can then use that information to send a physical communication to get that person to convert. You can send special offers or discounts to encourage them to complete the purchase or direct them to a physical store. Additionally, when the pixel is installed site-wide, we can use the data generated by these web visits to create a customized print specific to the pages that user visited. For example, if the person was browsing jackets on your site, the direct mail piece would include that product category. By knowing what people are interested in, you will know you’re sending the right message. Reach online users in the physical world with GMSDM.