Informed Delivery Interactive Ads

When direct mail and email are used together, we see an increase in response rates. People are seeing your message more often in their preferred media and because of that, it has a greater impact. Now there is an easier way to send out direct mail, while still receiving the benefits of an email campaign. Through Informed Delivery from the United States Postal Service, you can send out an integrated mail and digital marketing campaign. Informed Delivery is an optional notification service that provides consumers with a daily digital preview of their mail.


How Does It Work?

Marketers are able to supplement the gray scale image from the non-interactive campaign with a more compelling, full color image. The image does not have to be from the physical mailpiece. To the end user, it displays much like a banner ad. Interactive campaigns include a representative image to supplement the grey-scale mailpiece with customized content. They can also include a ride-along image for addition content to be added and a URL. This URL can be used to strengthen your offer through a website or landing page, enhancing your call to action.


Why Should You Be Using An Informed Delievery Interactive Campaign?


Informed Delivery Improves Performance


Anyone who has enrolled in Informed Delivery will be able to access your interactive digital piece on their dashboard. For the email-enabled users, you will also be able to deliver an interactive display of your mail directly to their email. There is a significant number of people that subscribe to this service. As of August 2018, for the Midwest area of the United States, there are 1,204,306 registered users and 705,134 are email-enabled users. Some households may have more than one person who is enrolled in Informed Delivery, so your mail has even more potential to increase its overall impressions.

By sending these messages through the USPS, you are able to leverage their brand and the trust that consumers have in them. It is because of that trust that they are able to receive an average daily open rate of 70% on their notifications. Consumers don’t perceive these emails to be spam or advertisements. In fact, according to the USPS, 96% of users would recommend Informed Delivery to their friends, family, or colleagues. It even has a 95% satisfaction rating. Start using Informed Delivery to its full potential and optimize your next mailpiece with us!