GMS is growing and expanding, and with that comes new equipment. We are excited to announce that we just installed a brand-new Komori press. This press not only benefit GMS, but also our customers.


Installing the Komori


The Komori Lithrone G40 is a 40″ offset printing press. This press offers a maximum printing speed of 16,500 sheets per hour and delivers very stable high-speed operation with a wide range of sheet thicknesses from ultrathin to thick sheets. 

Key benefits:
  • Reduced lead times from automation
  • Faster press checks
  • Advanced software for higher quality print with faster start up and changeover times
  • Ability to print signage and packaging
  • Consistent quality color production throughout the entire run
  • Help to better manage your print costs
  • It’s eco-friendly saving energy and resources 
  • Reduces the release of harmful chemical byproducts that occur during printing


This press will increase efficiency and promote a high standard of print for our organization. Our CEO, Kurt Gonyea, had a few words to say regarding the Komori and what it means for GMS. “We’re excited to have this new press. It’s an important component to our growth. The automation and technology available through this new press will allow us to better support the needs of our customers.”