Red Wing Press Run

Here at GMS, we have a very client focused mindset. Our clients are more than just orders to us, they are our partners. Our goal with all our clients is to create a strong relationship that centers around trust. A prime example of this relationship can be seen with our client, Red Wing Shoes. The Red Wing Shoe Company has been around for 113 years. They strive for nothing short of excellence, and that is seen in both their products and their work. It’s no surprise to us that they’ve managed to have such a long and successful history, and we’re proud to have been working with them for the last 25 years.


Our Relationship With Red Wing Shoes

When our relationship began, we started with just a few projects for them. Over the years, our relationship has grown into a true partnership. One that includes honest conversations, complete trust, and belief in one another. We are constantly amazed by how talented the individuals at Red Wing Shoes are. With their impressive design work and our printing abilities we have won numerous awards together. They truly strive to deliver the best possible result in everything that they do and will not settle for average. This expectation has not only led us to produce the highest quality materials for them, but has transferred over to the work we provide to all of our clients. They help to make us better by complementing our strengths and continually working with us to improve and innovate.



Red Wing Photo Shoot


What is it like to work with GMS

We reached out to Kim Lansing, their Design Manager, and Nick Farstad, Manager of Creative Services, to understand the experiences they’ve had working with us over the years. Their responses were exciting to hear and were exactly what we would hope our clients feel when working with us. When asked what they liked most about working with GMS, their responses were around the relationships that they have built. Kim said “there is a lot of trust and support that we have. I know Mike and the team are willing to go the extra mile to make sure things are right and to improve them when needed.” Nick truly believes that it is the people that make it so enjoyable to work with us. He included a special shout-out to Mike Geehan, Vice President of Business Development, stating “Mike has been the most reliable, conscientious, and ethical partner I’ve had in my 22-year career.”


How Have Things Changed Over the Years

We also asked both Kim and Nick to describe what they have noticed while working with us. 25 years is a long time to work with a company, and over that time requirements and expectations change. Though this often means a lot of uncertainty and new ideas, we’ve always been able to accommodate one another. According to Kim, our team (and specifically Mike Geehan) has always been helpful and supportive. She stated, “GMS has been very open to the processes and goals I’ve put in place for our pieces. I had a lot to learn when first setting up these large catalogs and Mike was very helpful with showing me the ropes! I appreciate how he has been excited for any new ideas I’ve had and has always tried to come back with solutions or answers.” We are always trying to grow and adapt and so we are thrilled any time we can provide a solution for our clients. With Red Wing Shoes, they are always striving to stretch their creativity and bring new ideas to the table, and according to Nick, “GMS has always been up to the challenge.”


Thank You To All Of Our Clients

Our clients are part of what drives us to change and improve, without them we wouldn’t be the company that we are today. In an effort to exceed their expectations we have made some recent building and technology upgrades. We are continuously working on improving our service and outputs. Through our clients, we realize where we need to make improvements and what our strengths are. They help us perform at our best and in turn we deliver high quality products back to them. Thank you for our continued partnerships and another successful year.