keep track of your marketing campaign

As marketers, we understand the importance of being able to track your efforts and relate data points back to your initial goals. In this day and age, there are numerous ways to track audience responses: through ad clicks, landing page visits, email opens, and even phone calls. There truly is no limit to our ability to measure a marketing channel’s performance. Even offline channels can be integrated with technology to be able to capture responses. Below, we go into the importance of tracking and provide some examples of how we can help you measure responses through a variety of channels.


The Importance of Tracking

Tracking your marketing efforts will not only tell you who is responding, but also the volume of people that responded, specific messaging that is performing well, and how those responses relate to your marketing goals. This isn’t a new concept, but it’s still something that companies struggle to do successfully and consistently. In fact, according to a study by ITSMA and Vision Edge Marketing, 74% of marketers can’t report on how their marketing efforts impacted their business. That means that almost 3/4 of marketers aren’t able to show the value that their campaigns provided. We help to address this issue by evaluating your unique needs and providing tools that will help you track responses across multiple channels.


Call Tracking

Phone Call Tracking

With call tracking, we can monitor and track calls across landing pages, emails, and even printed marketing materials. Call tracking works by using a vanity phone number that can attribute a call to a specific channel. The user that types in the phone number is redirected to the actual number for the business, but because they used the vanity number, we are able to capture their phone number. We can also attribute the call to the channel that they were coming from and even get personal information such as their name and location. For some callers, we can only capture their phone number, as other personal data may not be available. Call tracking can also be integrated with other reporting tools such as Google Analytics or Google Ads.


Tracking Sources For Direct Mail

Direct Mail Tracking

In addition to tracking phone calls, we can also track users that visit landing pages or text to respond. By using PURLs, we will know who has visited a landing page based on the unique URL that they use. We can then log each session and view any activities that were performed on that specific landing page, including form submissions, links clicked, or pages viewed. With GMSMS, we can also put a unique code on each mail piece that is specific to an individual who can then text in to respond. Similar to a PURL for a landing page, when the code is texted, we’ll be able to identify that person. We can also send them a personalized message in return once they’ve texted their code.

Additional Tracking Available Using Informed Delivery

The USPS recently rolled out a new offering for businesses and consumers called Informed Delivery. Informed Delivery offers consumers the ability to preview their mail electronically. For businesses, it allows us the unique opportunity to add digital features to mailings. By taking advantage of the interactive campaigns offered through Informed Delivery, your mail will be seen in your recipient’s email with a clickable link to send them directly to your landing page. This will only be available for contacts that have subscribed to the Informed Delivery service.


Online Tracking

Online Activity Tracking

We offer numerous ways to track your online visitors. A free tool that can be implemented by any business is Google Analytics. It tracks total users to your site, what source brought them there, and how much time they spent on there. It also provides some general demographic information and page metrics. However, you will not be able to capture an individual’s contact information or anything identifiable with Google Analytics. It’s really just a means to measure how many people responded, but not necessarily who they were. If you would like to identify those users, we can do that through their IP addresses. The IP addresses can be matched back to physical addresses that we can market to. Depending on your campaign goals and your site’s overall traffic, one channel might work better for you over another. Generally, we could target website visitors using direct mail, email, or digital ads.


Contact us or reach out to your sales representative to discuss tracking in more detail. We can also evaluate what tools would be the right fit for your unique programs and goals.