Why Omni-Channel Marketing Will Change How You Market

Keeping up with the Joneses
Marketing is moving away from mass, “push” based marketing to personalization. Considering the countless channels consumers are utilizing, how is your company maintaining industry pace?

The solution
Marketers now need to provide seamless customer experience, regardless of the platform. We like to call that omni-channel marketing. It’s a fancy word for increasing product discoverability. With omni-channel marketing, you’ll be able to better target the right customers, in the right platform.

Cue the drumroll
Introducing the newest addition to GMS: the Catalyst Solution Platforms. We’ve created four platforms that integrate all your marketing and sales efforts into a more controllable, predictable and highly visible solution.
The Omni-Channel Marketing Automation Solution Platform allows your consumers to choose their preferred platform and complete a purchase without frustration. The future of digital marketing is here – meet your customers at their choice of digital, mail, print, social, email and fulfillment platforms.